Back to Work/School in Covid-19 Level 2

Social distancing, washing hands and not touching our eyes, nose and mouth are still key! Our staff have had a policy of pretending we have Covid-19 and not wanting to spread it, as we work and when we're out and about. Yes, if we really had Covid-19, we'd be at home. But, this makes you take a step back, keep hands clean and always aware of what you touch and how to clean it and your hands (again!).

We promise to ensure to continue fair pricing and source our medical products from reputable New Zealand Medical Suppliers only. We've had lots of requests for items needed for work, care home visits and school during Level 2, so we've listed some together here.  If the particular item you need isn't found online, don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We have all sizes of gloves in stock, but brands may change etc so just ask.