We've added this page to help clients and their physicians learn that products we get many enquiries about are available on prescription in New Zealand. These products are registered in other countries, so are available under Section 29, so every patient's name and their doctor's name must be kept on record (simply put, we can explain in detail verbally).

We get many requests for the below items and more. We aim to make these products as easily and economically available as we can. Some are in the process or licensing in New Zealand, with the hopes of funding on the horizon too.

Prescriptions can be sent directly to us from any New Zealand registered doctor.
We then contact the client to talk about the item (especially since available information may be lacking), then organise payment and courier. 

We get enquiries for Androfeme (testosterone...see seperate page), Oestrogel (oestradiol), Sandrena (oestradiol), Testogel (testosterone), Slinda (drospirenone), Intrarosa (prasterone), Femodene (gestodene/ethinylestradiol), Bijuve (estradiol/progesterone), Zoely 2.5mg/1.5mg (nomegestrol/estradiol), Livial (Tibolone) etc. Many are buy-in, so prices and shipping times can vary. Call or email with any enquiries.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Both Oestrogel and Sandrena are now back in stock...hopefully without further issue.  Patches are on allocation daily, so hopefully all pharmacies are getting a few each day to dispense. This has truly been a difficult time. We're all trying our best to ensure no one goes without and certainly no one stops cold turkey.

Prescriptions can be emailed directly from your New Zealand physician to Bays Health Pharmacy;

We are open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm, Saturdays 9:00am to 12:00pm and courier prescriptions New Zealand wide.

If you have any questions, please contact us for further information. Come see us in store, give us a call 09 972 2091, email enquire via product listings above or the contact us page . We have all patient and prescribing information for patients and physicians.

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