Pharmacists at Bays Health Pharmacy are able to administer the 2022 flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is FREE for everyone over the age of 65, pregnant women and people under age 65 who have certain conditions. See link below. Those under 65 with certain conditions who are funded  can now come to the pharmacy for the flu vaccine too.

The flu vaccine can now be given to everyone

FREE for Adults aged 65 and over

FREE for Eligible people aged under 65 years (see or ask us)

All people aged under 65 years - eligible and non-eligible for funding - may have the flu vaccine now. Pharmacists can vaccinate people aged 13 and over. The cost is $25.

Pharmacists can administer the flu vaccine to anyone age 13-65 who wants to pay for the vaccine.  

**If you are booked for your Covid 19 Vaccine, you can choose to have your flu vaccine at the same time. Ask us about this**


We feel strongly about letting our community know that when you get a flu vaccine, you help avoid the spread of flu, especially to those who could get complications from flu.

A word from Monterrey (pharmacist/owner)

As a healthy person, I used to feel that I was ready to fight off infections with my healthy lifestyle and some nutrients and fighting herbs. I got the flu injection when I worked in a hospital years ago and I accepted getting the flu injection in our training because us pharmacists needed to practice on each other. Then, I fully learned and understood how getting the flu injection myself helped those around me. In the past, I thought I would know to stay away if I were fighting the flu.

What I’ve learned is 80% of people who get the flu are asymptomatic. That means no symptoms. But you are contagious. So, I wouldn’t know to stay away from someone with a compromised immune system because I wouldn’t even know I was fighting the flu.

I still do all I can for myself and those around me (because I could be fighting off a cold or various other bugs) by washing my hands often, not touching my eyes, nose or mouth and I still have my nutrients/herbs for fighting what comes my way. But I also get the flu injection. And I encourage my friends and family to get it too.

Come on in to discuss any health questions with us.

All the best,

The team at Bays Health Pharmacy